A Final Bookmark: Farewell to Hemibooks

Greetings to All Book Lovers and Patrons,

It’s with a heavy heart that we share the news of our cherished bookstore’s closure.

This place of wonder, where stories lived and thrived, has been an integral part of our lives. The owner, with a legacy of passion for books, has made the difficult decision to close the physical location. In the spirit of keeping the love for literature alive and honoring the memories created within those walls, we, a group of dedicated supporters, have decided to maintain the website. This isn’t just a site; it’s a digital tribute to a place that connected souls and stories.

We encourage you to read the bookstore owner’s last message below, a heartfelt farewell that echoes our sentiments. Further, the website will serve as a gateway to other pages, a continuation of our shared journey in the literary world. Let’s turn this end into a new beginning in the digital realm, keeping the essence of our beloved bookstore alive in cyberspace.

With enduring love for books,

Allie and the Hemibooks Website Supporters Team

See the final message from the bookstore owner Dave Kyle