The Basement’s History | Hemingway’s Books

Over the past 82 years Hemingway’s basement has been many things, it was once a liquor store, a grocery store, an auto-body shop and even a thrift shop. More recently it was home to our online inventory but now after 2 years of planning the lower floor is now retail space. And it is open to the public! It’s home now to most of our non-fiction categories like; art, military history, Canadian history, British Columbia History and many, many more. We’ve kept the lower floor very historic, with the original posts, the refurbished but still original stairs and even old Clayburn brick in some parts. It’s still a work in progress but right now it’s looking great!

The lower floor is looking sharp and just waiting for you to explore it! There are hundreds of previously unseen titles. There’s something for everyone down there.